Rise Above Your Competition
Monday, March 11, 2019, 21:48

Maybe, Maybe Not...

Lean, Six Sigma, Agile, Just in Time are a few of the common process methodologies to consider for your business.

As an entry level company, particularly small business, it is be beneficial to consider what these tools really offer.

At their basic they all provide the same fundamentals to the small business. Each one just packages their tools a little differently.

For the small business owner I would recommend to be aware of these tools but not to rush into any particular one.

Bacically, what each one offers is a means to identify, manage and implement process improvements. A large part of "entry level" proces improvement is the culture change within the organization.

This often means having employees understand the steps to do their departmental functions as well and their interactions with other departments.

Fiscal Year Budgeting,

Strategic Planning,

Company Metrics...

AND comunicating the above regularly to the workforce will go a long way towards building this culture.

Later you can move into Lean or one of the other methodologies and a natural and less disruptional progression.


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