Nanaimo Business Solutions company offering consultation services to local and Island based businesses. RM Business Solutions - Nanaimo

"Your partner in business"

We are a Nanaimo based Business Solutions Company.
Island proud we are committed to working with you and your company to optimize financial and operations performance.

As a small business grows it is normal for the company to "stall" or lose direction. What worked perfectly before does not mean it works now. More customers, product or staff, all require adjustments along the way.

The inefficiencies can creep up over time. Eventually a company that was profitable can find itself struggling even with a large increase in revenue.

We can help you through these transition periods.

Even if you know exactly what needs to be done - implementation and leading change is often the hardest part. Not having the time to focus 100% on initiatives can mean they are poorly implemented or just fizzle out.

We have been there ourselves, appreciate the frustrations and know the rewards of remaining persistant.

We would be happy to turn your goals into Business Solutions.

Centrally located in Nanaimo we can service businesses throughout Vancouver Island.

What Keeps You Up at Night?

  • Meeting Financial Goals
  • Company Market Share
  • Operations Efficiency
  • Cash Flow
  • Technology
  • Human Resources
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Company Direction
  • Implementing Objectives
If your answer is "yes" to any of these questions, then RM Business Solutions can help.
It is our "real world" experience that provides the small business owner/manager with solutions that they can relate to and implement in a cost-effective manner.

 Our Commitment
Is to the small business owner, or manager, who wants to transition their business to the next level:
  • to become more profitable
  • to promote growth
  • to operate efficiently

Our Specialty

Is transforming your small business into one that reflects your values.
... the sky's the limit!

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